PRO: Precendence

PRO: Precedence Rules #

All features described on this page are part of the Professional Edition.

While in beta, you can enable the Professional Edition by creating an account and downloading a license from

The PRO edition will become a paid version. Until then, PRO features expire 60 days after the build date. Please see for updated builds or run sqldsc update.

Precedence Rules #

Adding domains and tags makes the precedence more complex.

Each of these files can define the same configuration. For example, to configure node2 in this example, the following files would be used. Each lower file overrides the values in the higher file.

  1. defaults.hcl
  2. tags\prod.hcl
  3. tags\data-center-2.hcl
  4. tags\ag-one.hcl
  5. nodes\node2.hcl

The full rules are

  1. Global Defaults: defaults.hcl
  2. Domain Defaults: DOMAIN.defaults.hcl
  3. Tags - The tag files in the tags directory in the order specified
  4. Per Computer Defaults (in order):
    • nodes\computer.hcl
    • nodes\computer__instance.hcl (note the double underscores)
    • nodes\DOMAIN\computer.hcl
    • nodes\DOMAIN\computer__instance.hcl

And remember that the LAST file procesed overrides the previous files.