PRO: Filtering

PRO: Filtering #

All features described on this page are part of the Professional Edition.

While in beta, you can enable the Professional Edition by creating an account and downloading a license from

The PRO edition will become a paid version. Until then, PRO features expire 60 days after the build date. Please see for updated builds or run sqldsc update.

Filtering #

The sqldsc.exe command has a filter for role. When specified, it will only process nodes in that role. This parameter is available for test and apply. Some sample command lines are:

  • sqldsc.exe test --role ag-one - Test the configuration on all servers assigned the ag-one role. Assigning all the nodes in an AG to a specific role is a good way to process them all together.
  • sqldsc.exe apply --role dev - Apply changes do all servers assigned the dev role.

Please be aware, the filtering for roles decides which computers to target based on the role membership. It will still process all the settings for all the roles for those computers.