PRO Edition: Features

PRO Edition: Features #

All features described on this page are part of the Professional Edition.

You can purchase licenses for the Professional Edition on the Portal:

Features #

The Professional Edition supports a number of additional features:

  • Multi-threaded – Run tests in parallel
  • Multiple domains – Easily support multiple domains
  • Tags – Assign multiple servers to tags and set configuration for each tag
  • Filtering – Limit Test and Apply to tags, targets, and/or domains
  • Version-based filtering – Resources (such as scripts) only run against certain versions
  • Variables – Targets and tags can override values in Resource Blocks
  • User Database Blocks – Apply resources across multiple databases on a server
  • Login Blocks – Assign permissions to logins in a single block
  • SQL Script Blocks – Run SQL scripts against targets
  • Queries – Run queries against multiple servers
  • SQL Server Agent Jobs – Create and update SQL Server Agent jobs