Privacy #

This section documents what information is required and uploaded to use the application.

  • PRO Edition: See below
  • Standard Editon: No information is required or usage sent back. There are plans to send raw telemtry information from the Standard Edition.

Required Information #

To create an account and license on the portal requires:

  • A valid email address
  • An optional company name
  • A server count. This will eventually be used for licensing.

Uploaded Data #

The following information is uploaded when using the application. This information is uploaded at each run. All uploaded data is stored in an encrypted database.

  • SQLDSC.EXE configuration including build and edition
  • Licensing information (that you downloaded from the portal)
  • Count of entries in server_list.ndjson

URLs #

SQLDSC.EXE needs to communicate with

Update #

SQLDSC.EXE UPDATE needs to communicate with