Installation #

SQLDSC is designed to be used with Visual Studio Code. It provides a great file editor and log file viewer.

Install Visual Studio Code #

Install Visual Studio Code. By default, it installs for the current user which is usually what you want.

Install SQLDSC #

Download the lastest version from and extract the contents of the ZIP file.

The application is a command-line executable.

Initialize the repository #

  1. In VSCode, open up the directory where sqldsc.exe is located. Pressing control-` (back tick) will bring up a command prompt in VSCode.
  2. sqldsc init will create the config directory and a sample defaults.hcl and targets.hcl as well as a few other files
sqldsc init

Install Extensions #

The init command creates a .vscode directory that includes suggested extensions. If it doesn’t suggest them, plese install the following extensions:

  1. HCL extension from wholroyd to edit configuration files.
  2. NDJSON Colorizer to better view log files.
  3. Better TOML to edit application configuration files