Command Line

Command Line #

Running sqldsc help will bring up the current command line options. Running sqldsc help command_name will bring up help for a particular command.

Common commands include:

  • init - creates directories and sample files
  • test - see what changes it would make
  • apply - make changes to the targets
  • version - display the version information
  • vault - controls stored logins and passwords. See Credential Vault.
  • update - checks for updates and allows you to apply them
  • list - lists targets and their tags after applying any filters (starting in 1.39.3)

Common Parameters #

  • --target target_name - only process one target. This matches the Name OR the FQDN. Applies to test and apply
  • --push file_name - run this SQL file regardless of whether it needs to be run. The file must be identified in a sql_file resource block.