Azure Support

Azure #

SQLDSC provides limited support for Azure’s various SQL Server offerings.

  • SQL Server installed on Virtual Machines - This should work normally.
  • Managed Instances - This is untested.

SQL Database #

SQLDSC can connect to an Azure SQL Database by setting the database in the target and creating a SQLDSC credential for the user name and password.

target "" {
    sqldsc_credential = "azure_credential"
    database = "your_database"

The following resources have been tested against Azure SQL Databases:

  • Logins. There are limitations reusing SIDs. We suggest you don’t attempt this.
  • Users
  • SQL Scripts. This defaults to running the script in the database identified by the target. If a database is specified in the Resource itself, that overrides the target. You probably don’t want to do that for an Azure SQL Database.