Application Settings

Application Settings #

Certain settings can be configured via a settings file so they are always applied. These settings are:

  • parallel
  • threads
  • http_proxy

The following files are searched for in order. If a file is found, it doesn’t search further for files. Command-line flags override settings in this file.

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\sqldsc\sqldsc.settings.hcl
  • %HOMEDIR%\sqldsc.settings.hcl
  • .\sqldsc.settings.hcl

Using the --debug flag will tell you which configuration file is used.

A typical settings file might look like this:

parallel = true
# threads = 4

This enables parallel processing as the threads setting is commented out. If you set both threads and parallel it uses threads. Typically a user enables parallel via a setting in their %LOCALAPPDATA% directory. That can be overridden via command-line as needed.

The http_proxy can be in host:port format or https://host:port. Using the --trace flag will tell you the proxy it is using.